How Outsourcing Your Laser Cutting Can Save Money

Laser cutting services are provided by Yarder 24/7. With our productions running nonstop, it can be a way for your company to save money. We work hard to offer cost-efficient manufacturing to ensure that you can use it within your manufacturing or distribution operations. By depending on us as your third-party partner, we can save you money in a number of areas.

Avoid Making the Investment

The equipment involved in laser cutting can be comprehensive. As you require working with different types of metals, it can require even more equipment. In addition to the initial investment, there’s also the maintenance from year to year.

At Yarder, we’re proud to offer some of the most state-of-the-art machines, including Trumpf Model L3030 and L2530. It allows us to work with sheet sizes of up to 5-feet x 10-feet. Additionally, the cool line option makes it possible to work with thick metal for fine applications.

Along with not having to invest in the equipment, you also don’t have to deal with training employees. Many of the machines we use are comprehensive. They require extensive training to ensure that metal is being treated properly and that employees are working safely.

Focus on Productivity

Consider how laser cutting can be used within your operations. Your employees may need specific cuts on the metals that they work with before they can do something. When you are doing your own cuts, it can take longer because of not having quality equipment or top-notch skills.

You can place orders for not only laser cutting but other finishing services, too. It can ensure that your employees always have the materials that they need to focus on the job at hand.

Become More Innovative

Laser cutting services can be as comprehensive as you need them to be. Once you have 2D and 3D drawings developed, send them to us. We can upload them in order to identify the angles in which to cut. Further, we have other machines that allow for laser cutting to occur within the sheet metal. If you need sharp angles or unique shapes cut from steel, aluminum, or other metals, we can handle it. This allows you to take a more innovative approach in all that you do.

When you have quality laser cutting, you can create new designs to not only save you money but to generate new lines of revenue.

Overcome Obstacles

Especially with the COVID-19 pandemic leaving many employees being unable to come into work, it can lead to various obstacles. How are you going to overcome these as a company? Working with third parties can be the saving grace that you need. It can ensure that you have a source for all of what you need. With the comprehensive services that we offer for laser cutting, it ensures that you’re working with a final product as opposed to having to send it through any other services (such as CNC machining, cutting, or welding).

Learn more about how we can save you money by contacting us about laser cutting today.

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