Versatile Work Capsule Wardrobe for Multitaskers

Do you often have to switch from office attire to a casual one at the drop of a hat? Are you always on the move both for work and fun? Well, if the answer to these questions is a ‘Yes,’ then these wardrobe tips will help you remain styled throughout the workday until the weekend. 

How does a capsule wardrobe work?

It mainly involves putting together a set of clothing that can be mixed and matched to create several outfit combinations. This versatile wardrobe will make your life more comfortable throughout the day, making you feel great about yourself. You need to stock up your capsule wardrobe with quality, versatile, tailored pieces that are easy to style in numerous ways in all seasons. 

Capsule wardrobe essentials include a minimum
of ten items that are

     Tailored denim

     Black trousers/tailored skirts

     Colorful blazers

     Solid cami

     Printed tops/silk blouses in neutral shades

     Denim jacket/trench coats

     Modern jumpsuit/dresses

     Heeled black shoe

     Structured bag


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The basic to boss look

You can always rely on a black trouser paired with a solid blouse and dress shoes, but what makes you shine are the bold statement blazers. You can wear it at a speaking event, a client meeting, or any other day where you want to grab a bit of the spotlight.

You can always spice up your attire by experimenting with different colors. For instance, wearing white denim (that is unusual to wear) with a blazer and trendy loafers is a perfect combination for the workplace. You can dress it down for your plans after work, but remove the blazer and put it on a jacket.

Dress up stylish yet comfortable

A tailored skirt, worn with a solid top and jacket and matching heels, adds freshness to your office looks. The attire would look equally good on casual occasions such as dinners and work-related parties.

A modern jumpsuit when paired with matching jackets and loafers work for every occasion and never makes you feel out of place. Jackets and trench coats can similarly be paired with dresses to look fashionable at the work front and outside work as well. 

One common mistake that people end up making is wearing ill-fitted clothes that immediately give the impression of being out of place. It is essential to wear a dress that fits your frame and does not look odd on your body.

Keep it Classic and simple

A monochrome dress works for both casual and work capsule wardrobes. Style it up with a blazer and ballet shoes for work and an easy day-out swap the flats with pumps and blazer with a sparkling necklace.  If you need to go out for late-night parties, you can further top the look with a faux suede Moto jacket. 

It is always wise to invest in foundation pieces so that you can style them according to your need for the desired event.

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