Winter’s Just Around the Corner: Ice Melt Is On Sale Now

A frozen, cold winter is on its way, and one thing that is for sure is that Ohio will soon be covered in ice and snow at some point. With bitter cold and ice looming, it’s time to get salt before it’s sold out.

While the last few years may not have had significant snowfall or ice in your area, this year is expected to be colder, snowier, and more wintery than in the past. The 2020-2021 winter outlook shows that there is a polar coaster winter ahead. The Farmer’s Almanac shows that Ohio is going to have more freezing temperatures. Nearby states, like New York and Pennsylvania, can expect cold, wintery mixes and wet, white, frosty snow. Minnesota and states in the region may experience a frigidwinter too.

No matter where you’re shopping from, we have the right products to prevent ice and snow from slowing down your business. We’ll bring them to you by the truckload or on a pallet.

This year, we have three different ice melt products available here at Silverback Supply. We offer:

  • Hot Rock: $305.76 per pallet. Hot Rock is made with 98% pure salt and comes in 50 lb. bags. It melts ice and snow to -10 degrees.
  • Nitro Ice Melt: Nitro is all salt without rocks, and it has an anticaking formula. It has built-in anti-corrosion agents and a stable/safe blue color indicator to let you know when it has done its job.
  • Inferno Ice Melt: Inferno contains CMA, which prevents ice from reforming after it has been melted. It also contains urea, which helps protect lawns and promotes growth in the spring, so it won’t damage your greenery.

You’ll save 5% when you shop with us by the pallet. All of our pallets are 49 bags. Call us at 419-350-5598 to put in your order before we sell out.

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